Huntington Memorial Hall and Village Institute was opened in 1921 funded by public subscription in remembrance of those who served in the First World War. A Roll of Honour of names is displayed at the Hall. It is believed that the handmade bricks used came from the local Wrays Brickyard (now the site of Birch Park Estate). The original building was constructed on the site of a Wesleyan chapel and consisted of a large hall. Many of the construction workers were local volunteers working under the direction of skilled craftsmen.

A plaque was mounted on the front wall of the Hall in 1921 naming the Hall as ‘The Memorial Hall and Village Institute’ dedicated to the fallen of the First , and later Second World wars.

The single tier frontage was added later to form an air raid shelter and subsequently this was adapted to provide storage, toilets and an office area. In the 1950’s an extension was added to the rear of the building providing a small hall creating a billiards room. Kitchen facilities were added at the same time as well as storage areas.

The history of ownership of the hall follows the social and economic patterns of its existence. Established under the management of Trustees, initially following the Institute principles of self-improvement and generally men’s social gathering activities however with falling membership and external events in the early sixties, changes of ownership and governance occurred. From inception the Trustees were life trustees and dwindled in numbers, the actual ‘hands on’ management was by committee.
In 1963 ownership passed to the Parish Council by gift and leased on a full maintenance and repair lease of 99 years to a newly formed registered charity. The committee structure was very prescriptive with major stakeholders/authorities being granted two seats.

Recent improvements to the Hall include new flooring, accessibility facilities, improved central heating, air conditioning etc. The roof was totally replaced in 2009 and for interest an album of photographs of the building work is on view at the Hall.

In 2011 the car park to the rear of the hall was resurfaced.

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