Mens Breakfast Group

In 2001 a small group from Huntington and Strensall Churches decided to start up a group that would meet regularly for a breakfast together, sing some modern songs, and hear some confirmed Christians talk about their lives and their faith in Jesus Christ. The twin objectives were to build up the men from the churches but also to give an informal setting where men who did not like the idea of going into a church could hear and meet with Christian men.

10 years later this group still continues to meet in Huntington Memorial Hall, 5 times a year; organises pub evenings, and links to Christian Vision for Men who lay on an annual event for the North of England in Northallerton. Numbers have grown to between 40 and 50 at each meeting; several churches are now involved including All Saints,St Andrews, and St Marys, Christ the Light, The Vine, Salvation Army and Huntington Methodists.

Speakers are asked to talk for about 25 minutes and to tell us what they do and why they do it. Our interest is in activity but moreover why people feel strongly enough to follow Jesus Christ. We have listened to Bishop Martin of Selby, Ian White the Scottish singer/songwriter, Paul Burbridge of Riding Lights, a British Army Major; only one woman speaker, Joan Sargent from the Spurriergate Centre, who talked for 40 minutes instead of 20 but held everyone’s rapt attention and David Hamilton a former UDA terrorist who converted to following Jesus whilst in Prison! He went on for over an hour but no-one dared try to stop him!

So do you want to have a quick look at what a meeting of Christian Blokes looks like? Can you get up in time for an 8:30am start in Huntington? Can you eat bacon eggs sausages mushrooms tomatoes, toast and marmalade? Want to hear from blokes who spend a large part of their lives following Jesus Christ.

Give Peter Aspin a call 763459 or email and book your sausages!!

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