Huntington Pre-school

(a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance)

Registered Charity No.1026099

Rated GOOD by Ofsted in 2011

Huntington Pre-school was founded in 1970 and has been running successfully at the Memorial Hall since then.

Our Pre-school is run by a committee of parent volunteers and is truly a setting which is run by the community for the community.

Huntington Pre-school believes that care and education are equally important in the experience which we offer children.  The routines and activities that make up the pre-school’s session are provided in ways that:

  • help each child to feel that she/he is a valued member of the pre-school;
  • ensure the safety of each child;
  • help children to gain from the social experience of being part of a group;
  • provide children with opportunities to !earn and help them to value learning.

Pre-school organises its sessions so that the children can choose from – and work at – a range of activities and, in doing so, build up their ability to select and work, through a task to its completion. The children are also helped and encouraged to take part in adult-led small and  large group activities which introduce them to new experiences and help them to gain new skills, as well as helping them to learn to work with others.

Outdoor activities contribute to children’s health, their physical development and their knowledge of the world around them.  The children have the opportunity – and are encouraged – to take part in outdoor child-chosen and adult-led activities, as well as those provided in the indoor playroom/s.

Our Aims

Huntington Pre-school aims to:

  • provide high quality care and education for children below statutory school age;
  • work in partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop;
  • add to the life and well-being of its local community; and
  • offer children and their parents a service which promotes equality and values diversity.

As a member of Huntington Pre-school, your child:

  • is in a safe and stimulating environment;
  • is given generous care and attention, because of our high ratio of adults to children;
  • has the chance to join with other children and adults to live, play, work and learn together;
  • is helped to take forward her/his learning and development by being helped to build on what she/he already knows and can do;
  • has a personal key person who makes sure your child makes satisfying progress;
  • is in a pre-school which sees you as a partner in helping your child to learn and develop; and
  • is in a pre-school in which parents help to shape the service it offers.

Pre-school Sessions

Monday – Friday during term time from 9.00 a.m. – 12 noon

Toddler Sessions

Monday and Friday during term time from 9.15 a.m. – 10.45.a.m.

For more information or to arrange a visit contact the Lynne on 07710009384 or email

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