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The Band’s Home

Home is where the music is. If a pipe band has a home it can only be where it practises and that is at the Huntington Memorial Hall. It’s warm for winter evenings and well insulated – after all, it needs to be, because the sound of a pipe band in full voice can carry for miles if we played outside and although most people enjoy it, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Most of our practice on Wednesday evenings is given over to developing our repertoire and improving our piping and drumming skills, but we still have to have enough space to practise marching as a full band and the Hall provides this. It’s convenient too, for the pipers and drummers to have separate rooms for their own practice before coming together in one to form the band.

Out and About

The best place to listen to a pipe band and to enjoy playing in one is in the open air so the City of York Pipe Band takes every opportunity to get outside and play. You can most often hear us in the centre of the City in Parliament Street, playing for public entertainment and we also play for parades and private parties.

Need a band or a piper?

If you want to turn an occasion into an experience that everyone will remember, all you need to do is to add the sound of the pipes. The more usual occasions for the City of York Pipe Band are weddings, carnivals, Burns suppers, parades, New Year and funerals.

From reels and jigs through to marches and laments, our music can be tailored to whatever situation you have in mind and fees depend on the actual event and the time we are on parade. For more information see and contact us.

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